The magical kingdom of Nepal is one of the more exotic heli-ski locations on this planet. Making ski descents in the shadow of the gods and tackling the biggest mountains on earth is truly an experience of a life time and hard to compare to other heli-ski locations.

I was lucky enough to put tracks in some wild places. Being surrounded by 8.000 m peaks and taking in this this stunning scenery really blows your socks off. The skiing took place in the area of Manang - Anapurna Sanctuary - and in the remote province of Humbla. Most palaces have never seen a skier before and so many first descents could be made during this time. Landings around 4.000 m - 5.000 m were a daily routine, thanks to outstanding Russian pilots and their powerful M8 MTV helicopters. Also the support of Nepalese Army was quite helpful in order to pull this unique missions off.

Nepal will never become a major heli-ski location, because it is all very complex and difficult to arrange and flying in these high altitudes can make things very challenging - but it is so unique when all works out that it sticks to your mind for a very long time. If you are keen - please shout!






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