Since 10 years I have been exploring this very exiting and unique arctic wilderness now. It all started out on the wild west coast of Greenland, where we were amongst the very first heliski teams to make ski descent in this beautiful coast mountains, being surrounded by deep fjord systems nd spectacular glaciers. It felt like heaven on earth. It was clear right of the pad, that this is really something absolutely stunning and special.

After a few years on the west coast we decided to move our heliski operation to the wild and untouched east coast of Greenland, to be able to do more exploration and find new places to ski. This absolutely reflects the true spirit of Beyond Boundaries and it all resulted in appr. 300 first descents in Greenland alone over the last 10 years. Also a pioneering trip was accomplished successfully at the southern tip of Greenland in the area of the world famous "Big Wal" area near Tasermuit fjord.

Skiing with the pioneers always is the best way to experience a place like this. Ice fishing, dog-sledding and getting to know the Inuit culture near the arctic circle will guarantee for unforgettable adventure. March - April and May is the season for coming to ski in Greenland.

If you are interested in an arctic heliski adventure in Greenland - please shout and we will organize you a perfect trip. See you out there.






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