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Here is a list of achievements we could accomplish over the years in the magical world of heli-skiing. Pioneering new locations, bagging first descents, skiing steeps or easy cruisers it is all in the picture. Safety, skill, passion and fun are the key elements of our spirit that we would like to share with people who pursue the same goals and desires. The spirit of adventure and discovery will always be with us!

  • Worldwide: over 1000 first heli-ski descents worldwide (accident free)
  • Worldwide: 40 heliski seasons - pioneering many new places - all accident free - speaks for itself! Canada, Greenland, Alaska, Russia, Chile, Argentina, Patagonia, ...
  • Armenia: First  private  heli-ski week in Armenia , exploring all mountain ranges from north to south, close to the Iranian, Turkish, Georgian, Aserbaijan boarder, bagging 30 first descents in virgin territory, total distance covered: 900km!
  • Canada: 18 heli-ski seasons in Canada B.C. (accident free)
  • Canada: heli-skied in 15 different heli-ski locations all over Canada B.C (accident free)
  • Alaska: 2 seasons heli-skiing in Valdez - first European/Canadian guide. (accident free )
  • Greenland: many seasons of heli-skiing in Greenland, pioneering many new places (accident  free)
  • Greenland: first heli-ski mission on the east coast of Greenland, countless first descents, many weeks followed (accident free)
  • Greenland: first heli-ski mission in the most southern point of Greenland / Big-wall area (accident free)
  • Greenland: amongst the very first heli-ski groups on the west coast of Greenland, many first descents (accident free)
  • New Zealand: one heli-ski season on the south island (accident free)
  • Chile: first and biggest heli-ski safari in history, pioneering many new places between Santiago and all the way down south into northern Patagonia, countless first descents (accident free)
  • Argentina: first  / countless  heli-ski descents  in El Sosneado, Las Lenas, Lago Diamante, Mendoza, pioneering many new places (accident free)
  • Argentina: 2 heli-ski seasons in Las Lenas, running the first professional heli-ski operation there (accident free)
  • Patagonia: first and biggest heliski safari in Patagonia, many  first descents in Bariloche, Cholila, Lago  Vinter,  Fitz Roy area, Patagonian Ice Cap, pioneering many new places, countless first descents (accident free)
  • Kyrgistan: first and biggest heli-ski safari in Kyrgistan (accident free)
  • Russia: first and biggest heli-ski safari in Russia, linking areas together like Dombai-Arkyz-Elbrus (accident free)
  • Russia: heli-ski consulting mission in Russia for Krasnaya Polyana - 4 weeks (accident free)
  • Nepal: first heli-ski mission, first descents in Annapurna area, all first descents (accident free)
  • Nepal: first heli-ski mission, first descents in Humbla, all first descents (accident free)
  • India: amazing heli-ski adventure in the Indian himalayas (accident free)
  • Sweden: amazing heli-ski week in northern Sweden (accident free)


  • Guinness book of records entry: most vertical footage ever been skied in Canada in one week of heli-skiing at that time (Waldburg & Gemingens)

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